General Policy Statement

The policy of whataremybenefits.com, ("We", "Us" or "whataremybenefits.com") is to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the information conveyed to whataremybenefits.com employers, brokers and agents who use whataremybenefits.com services, software and Internet tools. We will take such commercially reasonable action as may be required under the circumstances to preserve the confidentiality of any information a client identifies as being proprietary and confidential in nature.

By nature, employee benefits administration requires confidential employee data. This includes employee contact information (e.g. name, address, email), unique identifiers (e.g. social security number, employee ID), dependent information (e.g. names and ages of a spouse and children), financial information (e.g. zip code, age, income). Whataremybenefits.com and the producer define the source and update protocol for each data element. Whataremybenefits.com intends to collect, retain, and disclose Personal information only on a "need to know basis.

Vendor Privacy Policies

The insurers, financial service and other providers and suppliers of goods and services who are represented by whataremybenefits.com and/or with whom our Producers my transact business using whataremybenefits.com software and Internet Sites (collectively, the "Vendors") will have privacy policies in effect from time to time that are applicable to, and intended for the benefit of, the ultimate purchasers of the products and services offered or supported through whataremybenefits.com and the Producers ("Vendor Privacy Policies"). Whataremybenefits.com will use commercially reasonable efforts to convey the Vendor Privacy Policies to the Producers.

Aggregate Statistics

Whataremybenefits.com gains the consent of the employer or employee prior to using information in any manner other than defined below, and prior to knowingly disclosing personal Information to a third party. Whataremybenefits.com uses Personal information to: